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Shoemaker Redware Pottery

Each piece is more than just a pot or a plate. Each is a memento that even the filthiest of mud can be made into a thing of beauty and purpose.


Shoemaker Pottery began in the summer of 2012 after I quit my job and began helping my aunt and uncle, Ned and Gwen Foltz of Foltz Pottery, whom I lived next door to my entire life. In between glazing Ned’s pots I began to learn how to throw from reading books, browsing Youtube, and watching the Master Potter himself. I began doing shows, which forced me to keep practicing and challenging myself. I started Shoemaker Pottery and began working as a full-time potter.

All Our Products are lead-free, food safe, and hold up in the dishwasher and microwave. You can’t get more practical than that. 


Thrown on a potter’s wheel, these wares range from mugs and bowls to canisters and jars, to candle holders and beer tankards. 

Plates & Platters

Our wares are made for more idol display on a bookshelf or mantel. They are rugged pieces meant for use and enjoyment. 


We are all made of the Potter’s clay. Facejugs have a fascinating mythology surrounding them, but we love them for how they remind us from where we come. 

Shows & Events

Currently, we only sell at various shows and events in the South Central PA area. We hope you can come and meet us and pick out a new piece to add not only to your collection, but to your own inspiration.

2018 Schedule

Nov. 17, 2018 – Durlach-Mt. Airy Holiday Craft Show

This local show is the kind of old-school celebration of artists and craftspeople that we love. 

Come meet and buy from some of the top artists in the area. These artists work in various mediums such as redware, tinware, bee wax ornaments, paintings, antiques, paper mache, chalkware, wood carvings, pencil drawings, stained glass, soaps, candles, metal and more.

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